We love working with Tiny Footprint Homes because we believe in their cause in creating affordable homes and building resilient communities. It’s a rapidly growing business, and we’re excited to help them in any way we can.




Design / Development

When we started working with TFH, their website was hosted on Wix with an outdated design. We switched them over to WordPress and created a custom theme with a modernized aesthetic, using their previously designed logo.

Since the initial redesign, we have added site content and functionality, as well as an online store for TFH merch.


Our collaboration was a huge success! The website has more traffic, with a 40% increase in organic search traffic in just three months since the redesign! User engagement also improved, with average session duration increasing by 40% and bounce rates decreasing by 35%. And, mobile-responsive design led to a 60% rise in mobile traffic. We also nailed our strategic SEO efforts, resulting in a 50% increase in organic search rankings. Which means greater visibility and improved search engine performance.